I am a coach, a consultant, a friend, support, and a guide along your healing path.

APeacock Consulting (APC) provides mental health consulting to individuals and organizations where health literacy, informed consent, and choice are first and foremost. We provide holistic health coaching, non-medical and non-clinical support circles, in-person training, presentations, events, and wellness courses.

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You taught me so much about trauma-informed therapy and approaches. Your honesty helped me see through what had been done to me, and helped me get off the psych drug merry-go-round.


You helped me feel validated and not alone. You've expressed in some of your videos and writing things I was feeling and couldn't articulate. It was sad, but also comforting... in a situation where comfort rarely exists. I think your journey has given me hope at times when I didn't have much. You know that means everything in this.


Before working with you, I felt stuck and had nowhere to turn. In only three sessions, we have done so much and I feel hope again. I've tried so many other types of practitioners and none of them have helped me as much as you have.


Angela's vulnerability and integrity are unmatched. She knows what it's like to live as a mental health patient. In our sessions, I felt listened to, validated, and understood, and it's making this journey a little easier knowing that I have someone who truly understands this condition. She lived it.


Angela is one of the most compassionate and empathetic people I know. She’s a fantastic listener and phenomenal at drawing from her experience to help you, without losing the understanding that your experience is unique and your own. She’s helped me so much, words just can’t describe it.


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