My Philosophy

  • The human body is a self-healing organism and if given the correct support during the healing process, it can return to homeostasis. 
  • Through chronic illness and suffering, each of us has the opportunity to examine and reevaluate every part of our lives, keeping what serves us and removing what does not. During this process, we have the chance to discover what practices help us feel our best.
  • Thousands of people have healed before you and so will you. It’s just a matter of time. Healing is inevitable. There is hope. You WILL come through this.

Holistic Wellness & Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal Consultation:

  • I offer person-centered holistic wellness consultations and/or psychiatric drug withdrawal support sessions. I DO NOT offer direct medical advice or therapy, but can refer you to like-minded practitioners.
  • I provide education and choices in mental health, self-care, and coping to people undergoing patient-led tapering off psychiatric drugs. I empower you during your healing journey with supportive habits rooted in neuroscience, trauma-informed care, nutrition, and gentle movement. 
  • Consulting sessions can include your family members or support people in your life. I use principles of Open Dialogue in my work. 
  • Consultations with your prescribers and/or other mental health professionals are possible for an extra charge. If you are a prescriber and/or other mental health professional, you can book a consultation here.
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Speaking Engagements/Appearances

Parts of Angela’s story have been featured in three documentaries, one Emmy-award winning piece on PBS SoCal, and numerous major press pieces on CBS, BBC, NPR, and CNN. See the media page to watch excerpts. 

Since 2019 , she has appeared on several podcasts and more than 150 panel discussions for her work with the film Medicating Normal. She is sought after for her inspirational talks about leadership, innovation in challenging the status quo, and healing from trauma. She has presented at numerous nonprofit organizations providing continuing education training to therapists and other social service professionals. 

Angela’s gift is in authentically speaking to large groups from a thoughtful and vulnerable place that encourages deep listening and community. 

To book Angela as a speaker for your event, please fill out the form on the contact page.

Other Services

Angela is available for freelance and contract work. Her skills include copywriting, editing,  grant writing, social media management and social media strategy for nonprofit organizations, social impact consulting and documentary film outreach.

To hire Angela to work with your organization, please fill out the form on the contact page.

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You taught me so much about trauma-informed therapy and approaches. Your honesty helped me see through what had been done to me, and helped me get off the psych drug merry-go-round.


You helped me feel validated and not alone. You've expressed in some of your videos and writing things I was feeling and couldn't articulate. It was sad, but also comforting... in a situation where comfort rarely exists. I think your journey has given me hope at times when I didn't have much. You know that means everything in this.


Before working with you, I felt stuck and had nowhere to turn. In only three sessions, we have done so much and I feel hope again. I've tried so many other types of practitioners and none of them have helped me as much as you have.


Angela's vulnerability and integrity are unmatched. She knows what it's like to live as a mental health patient. In our sessions, I felt listened to, validated, and understood, and it's making this journey a little easier knowing that I have someone who truly understands this condition. She lived it.


Angela is one of the most compassionate and empathetic people I know. She’s a fantastic listener and phenomenal at drawing from her experience to help you, without losing the understanding that your experience is unique and your own. She’s helped me so much;, words just can’t describe it.